CAMEL v1.0 is available as open source software under MPL2 on OW2’s GitLab. Subsequent versions (2.0 and current version 2.5), are currently offered under the same licence model in bitbucket. The CAMEL open source software includes the domain code available under the camel/camel/src directory as well as the textual editor of CAMEL that conforms to CAMEL’s textual syntax. It also incorporates the meta-model of CAMEL in Ecore which is placed at the camel/camel/model directory.

CAMEL’s textual editor is an offline editor which is launced via an Eclipse environment. Installation instructions can be found here. This editor covers mainly those CAMEL parts that can be specified by the modeller. As such, other CAMEL parts like those pertaining to instance-based information need to be handled by a multi-/cross-cloud application management platform through CAMEL’s domain code. This editor has some nice, devops-oriented features like syntax and error highlighting as well as autocompletion.

Apart from CAMEL’s textual editor, there is also a web-based editor which can be launched as a web service via a servlet container like tomcat. This editor offers a form-based interface via CAMEL models can be specified without requiring a deep knowledge of CAMEL. Installation instructions for this editor can be found here. This editor also covers the same language parts like those covered by the textual editor. However, it has some additional capabilities, like the online editing and storage of models into a model repository as well as the controlled access to models based on user roles.